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Fumiya Maeda's skin history

When you have rough skin with basic makeup that doesn't suit you

First half of 2007

During this time, I had a lot of rough skin, and when I went to a drug store, I bought and used various basic cosmetics at random, and I used the ones from various manufacturers in a month because they didn't suit my skin.

At that time, my skin was not transparent due to incorrect skin care and overuse of basic makeup with highly stimulating ingredients, and it was also a time when there were few smiles when taking pictures with severe dullness, redness, and acne.

Excessive skin care does not eliminate rough skin

Second half of 2007

It was a time when I was suffering from acne on my mouth and nose, such as on my chin and under my nose, because my rough skin did not go away even with proper skin care. I washed my face three times a day, and even though I always carried oil-removing paper with me and took good care of my skin, it didn't go away.

Skin care vagus period

First half of 2008

It's a time when excessive skin care has come to an end. The barrier function of the skin is reduced and the rough skin is only getting worse.

Even though I used 5 things a day, such as lotion, milky lotion, serum, cream, and facial mask, my skin condition just got worse.

It was also a time when I decided to study from the fundamentals of skin care, and decided to study how to make my own by blending cosmetics without relying on cosmetics companies.

Skin care study period

Second half of 2008

From this time on, I made my own study of skin care and skin, and realized the importance of excessive face washing, the fear of putting it on my face, and the importance of moisturizing.

It was also a time when I stopped using a lot of skin care products that I had on my face and started using basic cosmetics with high moisturizing power at my own risk. I still remember that the redness under my nose improved a little and I realized the importance of proper skin care and ingredients.

Simple skin care

First half of 2009

As I started to take proper skin care, I changed my face wash from 3 times a day to 2 times a day, moisturizing, UV protection when going out, and formulating basic cosmetics to study the ingredients thoroughly and let the skin penetrate what is needed. I was trying to use the ingredients.

It was also the time when I started aiming for whitening skin.

Cosmetic development stray period

Second half of 2009

Taking the opportunity of gradually improving acne etc. using the basic cosmetics of the ingredients that I mixed myself, I often make various things and put them on my skin, check the ones that are good for redness and acne, and vitamins It was also a time when I started using mainly C derivatives.

However, because the skin is easy to dry, it moisturizes and has a low water content and is not moisturized.

Skin condition improvement period

First half of 2010

It was around the time when I began to understand what my skin needed and what I didn't need, and realized the need for ceramide to maintain water content.

It is a time when the moisture content of the skin has increased dramatically with the addition of ceramide, and the moisture content of the skin has increased.

Burned skin A turning point in life

Second half of 2010

It was a time when I had burned my cheeks with a hair iron and learned a lot about my skin to prevent pigmentation. Through burns, I began to think about anti-staining measures, such as promotion of turnover, the need for UV rays, moisturizing and water content, and simple care. But there was.

How to have skin learned from burns


It was a time when I became more absorbed in my skin because of my burns. I was thinking about skin care all the time, and when I had free time, I was busy looking at skin care products at drug stores and researching them.

It was a time when I was doing various researches, such as self-taught moisturizing healing therapy to cure burns, and applying a cream containing plenty of hyaluronic acid by myself.

As a result, the burn marks disappeared without any traces and the skin quality improved.

Birth period of smooth skin

year 2012

It was also a time when my skin condition improved dramatically.

When I changed my face-washing method from twice a day to once, the amount of water increased, excessive skin care was not good, and I started to think that basic cosmetics also needed simplicity.

From this time, I started thinking about making my own milky lotion and cream all-in-one, and it was also a time when my skin changed to smooth when I encountered "proteoglycan", an ingredient that is highly moisturizing and can be sustained with one bottle.

Oil beauty


I got smooth skin using proteoglycan and vitamin C derivative, but it was time to want to make the skin more glossy without pores. It was a time when only all-in-one basic makeup was used due to the existence of proteoglycans.

An actress has very shiny skin and why is it so shiny and beautiful?

I heard that it uses oil mixed with milky lotion, so I decided to use jojoba oil, which has excellent antioxidant properties, and olive oil.

Then, I was surprised and it was a time when skin care became more and more smooth and fun.

When I started thinking about cosmetics development


It's been 6 years since I started to mix it and put it on my skin, and when I noticed it, I realized that my skin was getting better and better. What cosmetics do you use for your friends and acquaintances? At first, I wasn't enthusiastic about it, but I decided to release it with the support of a certain person.

At this time, I knew the need for simplicity of skin care and the awesomeness of oil, so I used to mix oil and all-in-one, but I was secretly thinking about putting it on the market as a mixed beauty.

Started cosmetics development ... The wall of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law

Second half of 2014

We visited many manufacturing companies and asked one of them to work on development and planning.

And. When I consulted with the manufacturer to sell all-in-one oil mixed with it, it turned out that it could not be mixed under the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law.

All the ideas are water bubbles ...

However, what I got in my head was simple beauty, it was troublesome to mix it even though it was all-in-one, and I wondered if I should mix it as it is in all-in-one, so I asked the manufacturing company with the idea of reversal.

A scream from the person in charge of the manufacturing company ... lol

I understand that you're saying crazy, but somehow. .. .. We asked a number of manufacturing companies to communicate with us, and finally met the manufacturing company who kindly agreed, and the miracle all-in-one development proceeded.

I had them remake the prototype many times, and I was very impressed with the exact same thing that I had made with my own composition.

And now, in the beauty industry, fullerene, which is 125 times more antioxidant than vitamin C, has been added to create one that can be praised as the pinnacle of all-in-one.

FUMMY REFACE's ultimate all-in-one crystal lift completed


I never dreamed that the cosmetics that I had made and used by myself would be released. However, the beauty industry has a lot of basic cosmetics, and I personally feel scared when I see a lot of them on my face.

Because it is better to simply put the proper ingredients on the skin.

In the era of rough skin, I put on a lot of basic cosmetics and learned the necessity of simple and moisturizing, and I got smooth skin, so I would like everyone in the country to use this culmination of all-in-one. We will release it this time.

It is the ultimate all-in-one, so if you continue, it will appear on your skin.

You can make beautiful skin, never give up, let's start with simple beauty FUMMY REFACE!

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