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Discerning beauty ingredients

Lipidure, a multifunctional moisturizing ingredient (Polyquaternium-51)

A state-of-the-art moisturizing beauty ingredient that has a moisturizing power that exceeds that of hyaluronic acid.

Moisturizing performance superior to hyaluronic acid, which is attracting attention in various fields. It has the characteristic that the moisturizing power is not easily lost even after washing with water. For this reason, it is said that even after washing the face, which is said to be the easiest to dry, it does not need to be moisturized immediately and shows moisturizing power for a long time.

Discerning manufacturing method

Discerning domestic handmade manufacturing method

Eternal Laser Soap is a framed soap. Unlike soap that is made at low cost by machine, framed soap is made by a special handmade manufacturing method that is completed by pouring it into the frame, cooling it for a long time, and then making it by hand. It is the finest beauty essence soap. Approximately 50% of the base material is made of moisturizing ingredients, and after taking a long time to boil it in a kettle, it is taken into a mold and naturally dried for about 60 days, and each one is carefully hand-polished to complete the process. Of course, it is a safe domestic production.

Why is it made with time-consuming frame kneading?

On the other hand, it is costly and laborious to manufacture, but on the other hand, it contains abundant beauty ingredients that are difficult to produce with machine-kneaded soap, and it is difficult to dissolve and it is to realize the highest quality solid face-wash soap.




Eternal laser soap

Rich cleansing wash F

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