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Maeda Fumiya

Beauty researcher Fumiya Maeda

Representative of FUMMY REFACE

Nickname: Men's beauty expert Fumyi
Nice to meet you! !!

Nice to meet you, I'm Fumiya Maeda, a cosmetologist, also known as Fumi, a male cosmetologist! !!

As I loved skin care and began to study beauty, I began to realize that the important things for my skin were "moisturizing" and "UV".

No matter how good cosmetics you use, it doesn't make sense if you don't take care of them every day. It takes a lot of money and effort to prepare a line of lotion, milky lotion, beauty essence, cream, etc.

I only want to make one (*'ω' *)

The ultimate "all-in-one serum"

I want to continue every day, but if it takes time, it won't continue! I don't want to apply a lot on my skin. There are quite a few people like that, right?

However, all-in-one cosmetics on the market are gel type or lotion type, and the moisturizing power is inferior, and it is good when used, but I can not realize it over time. I don't have a good impression.

I believe that the most important thing in beauty is not to dry your skin. For that purpose, I would like to develop a beauty essence that is highly moisturizing and does not dry out! And don't compromise ☆ I want to stick to the ingredients in order to make it.

I wanted to make one that can supplement the four roles of lotion, milky lotion, beauty essence, and cream. And the ultimate all-in-one that everyone in the country can use has been completed.

We will update the recommended cosmetics for beauty and the development process on this page from time to time, so please feel free to take a look (^^ ♪)

Please support us.

☆ Men's beauty researcher Fumi

Fumiya Maeda (Men's Cosmetology Researcher Fumi)

Born in Hyogo prefecture

Born June 29, 1985

Blood type O

One of the few male cosmetologists in Japan.

From the desire to have youthful skin forever, he is active under the nickname of male beauty researcher Fumi with the phrase "boys" instead of "men".

He suffered from rough skin and acne during puberty, and became absorbed in skin care when he began to have a complex on his skin. I used various commercially available products and applied all kinds of skin care products to my skin, but it got worse. I consulted with a dermatologist and heard that simple care would use the correct ingredients to moisturize my skin. To make cosmetics.

Study beauty between work at seminars and correspondence courses, and enter the world of beauty. Applying the beauty essence that I made to my skin, the rough skin was improved steadily, and the change to clear skin gave me a desire to make the ultimate beauty essence in Japan, and I became a cosmetic qualification. In 2015, we launched the original cosmetics brand "FUMMY REFACE" and are expanding all-in-one beauty essences nationwide.

Learning qualification / award

Japan Cosmetics Certification Association Japan Cosmetics Certification

Japan Cosmetic Association Cosmetics Basic Examination

IAJ2018 Boys Beauty Category Best Award

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2010 - present

2010 - present

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