No need for skin care

Skin care is something that becomes beautiful only if you continue it every day.

No matter how good you buy basic cosmetics, there is no point unless you continue.

My theory of pursuing beauty is that if you put various things on your skin, it will put too much strain on your skin and it will hinder the function of the skin itself.

The skin becomes more and more metabolic syndrome, leading to skin that is prone to skin problems.

The basis of skin care is "moisturizing"

When the skin loses its moisture, the barrier function deteriorates, and skin problems such as rough skin and pimples are likely to occur.

In other words, moisturizing is the basis of skin care.

You can make beautiful skin as long as you use a mixture of proper beauty ingredients and moisturize well.

There is no need for metabolic syndrome care that can be applied to the face such as lotion, milky lotion, cream, and serum.

I stopped taking metabolic syndrome and my skin started to revive.

What you need for beauty is simple and slim skin care.

That's why FUMMY REFACE products are all-in-one.

From a dermatological point of view, lotion does not have to be.

The keratin on the surface of the skin contains 20 to 30% of water, but when you apply lotion, the water mixes with the water of the skin.

It evaporates over time, but at the same time it also robs the skin of water.

It is said that when the lotion on the epidermis of the skin evaporates, it absorbs the water from the skin due to the capillary phenomenon.

I'm sure everyone has the experience of washing their hands as they dry out over time.

In short, wetting your skin with water will make your skin dry.

Watering dry hair will moisturize it, but after 30 minutes it will evaporate, dry and dry, and will return to normal.

If you moisturize with a hair cream etc., it will not dry and will continue to be moisturized.

The same applies to the skin, and the lotion is nothing more than water that evaporates.

No need for skin care


Moisturizing what you need for your skin

What you need for your skin is a moisturizer with solid ingredients.

So why are there so many lotions out there?

That's because Japanese women love water. Since Japan has been a people who have respected water since ancient times, there is always clean water when you go to temples. Although it is geographically related to Japan, lotion was born in Japan because of its high temperature and humidity and the preference for a refreshing feel when used.

Toners are not sold very often in the United States and France. When selling in Japan, overseas cosmetics makers only make lotion for Japan.

In Japan, wrong skin care methods such as "moisturize with lotion and cover with cream" are pervasive, so as a cosmetologist, I want to spread the correct skin care method.

You can't put a lotion on it and cover it with cream. Even if you apply lotion, it will evaporate in the end.

To really moisturize, use a component containing ceramide to catch water firmly.

And don't put too much on your skin, simply apply plenty of it to keep it moisturized.

And the all-in-one "Crystal Lift" of FUMMY REFACE was born.

Let's start a surprising skin life.