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From FUMMY REFACE, which was developed by Fumiya Maeda, a male beauty researcher who is one of the few pursuits of beauty in Japan, it contains moisturizing ingredients and cutting-edge beauty ingredients, and is firmly foamed. It is a luxurious high-end beauty essence soap with beauty essence. If you use it at night, you basically don't need to use it in the morning. 2in1 that can be used not only for face washing & natural makeup and face but also for whole body, handmade beauty soap made in Japan with a focus on natural materials. It is the highest grade two-in-one "Eternal Laser Soap" that can remove dirt and light makeup with this one, moisturize with the kneaded beauty essence ingredients, and lead to clear, shining and bright skin.

(Discerning domestic handmade manufacturing method)

This product is a framed soap. Unlike soap that is made at low cost by machine, framed soap is made by a special handmade manufacturing method that is completed by pouring it into the frame, cooling it for a long time, and then making it by hand. It is the finest beauty essence soap. Approximately 50% of the base material is made of moisturizing ingredients, and after taking a long time to boil it in a kettle, it is taken into a mold and naturally dried for about 60 days, and each one is carefully hand-polished to complete the process. Of course, it is a safe domestic production.

(Why we sell time-consuming framed soap)

On the other hand, it is costly and laborious to manufacture, but on the other hand, it contains abundant beauty ingredients that are difficult to produce with machine-kneaded soap, and it is difficult to dissolve and it is to realize the highest quality solid face-wash soap.

(Safe and secure domestic production)

Country of origin (land), made in Japan

Two-in-one Eternal Laser Soap Rich Cleansing Wash F

  • A luxurious domestic high-quality soap that is made by mixing low molecular weight collagen and charcoal and slowly making it in a kettle.

    The moisturizing ingredients "Lipidure", "Hyaluronic acid", "Honey", and "Royal jelly" are used to thoroughly wash the skin so that it does not dry out. I will.

    With a plant-mixed extract that is expected to suppress the production of melanin, it thoroughly removes dirt while caring for it, and is washed with high-quality, moist foam with good foaming.

    [Notes on this product]

    This product is a beauty essence soap developed with an emphasis on moisturizing and moisturizing. Natural make-up can be removed, but when using batch remake or mascara, please remove the make-up separately with a remover. Since it contains beauty essence ingredients, it can be washed away while moisturizing the skin. Basically, when you wash your face with this product at night, you do not need to wash your face the next morning. We recommend using it only at night. Color changes and variations may occur due to the combination of natural plant-derived ingredients, but there is no problem with the product, so please use it with confidence.

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