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List of media publications


We have started a beauty radio program as an official official program on the voice radio app "Radiotalk". "Men's Beauty Researcher Fumi's Beauty Afternoon" is delivered every Friday.

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CBC TV (TBS system) Instinct Z

Fumiya Maeda, a male cosmetologist, appeared on the popular variety show "Instinct Z" on TV.

It will be broadcast on CBC TV (TBS) at 23:56 midnight on October 23.

[# 200 Bizarre Festival Hunter & Japan's No. 1 Whistler & Men's Beauty Researcher

Location & Sumikko Performing Arts News to find people who want to get along with MC team

Appeared as beauty researcher Fumi on October 23, 2019 OA].

This is a popular late-night program featuring program MCs Koji Imada, Koji Higashino, and Ameagari Kesshitai's Hotohara.

We talk happily about the need for men's beauty in the program.

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Team baycom

The program "Team Baycom" of Bay Communications Co., Ltd. appeared as a beauty expert on the broadcast from August 23 (Friday) to August 29 (Thursday), 2019, and appeared on TV.

Broadcast channel: Baycom 11ch

Program name: Team Baycom

Broadcast date and time: Broadcast daily at 12:00 / 19:00 / 24:00 Broadcast area [Kansai area only] (excluding some areas)
Osaka area → Fukushima ward, Nishiyodogawa ward, Minato ward, Taisho ward, Konohana ward, Nishi ward Naniwa ward, Nishinari ward, Suminoe ward, Kita ward / Part of Chuo ward Hyogo area → Nishinomiya city, Itami city, Amagasaki city Takarazuka city / Part of Kawanishi City / Kita Ward, Kobe City


Goo ranking

I am supervising articles as a beauty expert in the goo ranking of NTT Resonant Inc.


The Human Story

We were interviewed and interviewed by the media that approached the "life story" of challengers who are active in various fields.

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主婦と生活社のWEBメディアCHANTO WEBにて美容のインタビュー取材受けました。

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IN YOU joun

I was interviewed by IN YOU journal, a web media that focuses on organic beauty.


It has appeared in the special feature on the men's umbrella of the WEB media " Harumari TOKYO ", which has a wealth of trend information on Tokyo.



This time, we have received a close interview with "Web media BEST PRESENT editorial department with monthly visit data of more than 12 million people".

"Eternal Laser Soap" was introduced in Japan's largest gift & ranking site Best Gift.

5 best iron plate gifts for moisturizing goods that can be used as a measure against dryness [2020 version]

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Web media operated by EC-GAIN Co., Ltd. Established "Men's Beauty Researcher Fumi's Beauty Bookmark" as an official ambassador of Temite.

We specialize in introducing only the products that men's beauty researcher Fumi loves.



Web media operated by Kurumi Co., Ltd. A site operated with the idea of "finding recommended products that suit you". Experts can easily understand the characteristics of the item. Fumi, a male cosmetologist, has appeared as an expert.


Monoreco by Ameba

Web media operated by CyberOwl Co., Ltd., a group company of CyberAgent Co., Ltd. Disseminate information on recommended products with evidence from all angles, such as the verification results of the editorial department, for items recommended by experts. Fumi, a male cosmetologist, has appeared as an expert.


Yorozu Studio

Web media operated by Floor Standard Co., Ltd. Interview with influencer favorite items that are active in the media. I am interviewed by a male beauty researcher, Fumi's favorite item.


Influencer Award Japan

Men's beauty researcher Fumi was nominated for "Influencer Award Japan 2018", which decides the influencer who dramatically colored 2018, and won the highest award in the boys beauty category.


Smart shopping

Web media operated by Smart Shopping Co., Ltd. Fumi, a male cosmetologist, has appeared as an expert and supervises the article.



This is a web media operated by Enjuk Co., Ltd. that introduces really good gems selected by professionals on the road. Fumi, a male beauty researcher, introduces gems as a beauty professional.


Boys beauty

Boys Beauty Roundtable hosted by LIDDELL Inc. was held in Tokyo and invited. He talks about men's beauty.


To buy

From word-of-mouth information about the favorite items of "connoisseurs" who have their own values such as influencers and experts operated by Cyber Buzz Co., Ltd. and have been certified by the editorial department as being supported by many people. , It is a media where you can meet "want to buy" with tips on how to select products and articles introducing recommended products.



Men's beauty researcher Fumi was introduced in the beauty media Vidan. Listed as a certified cosmetologist.

In the article on beauty, I also give advice as a beauty professional and the contents are also posted.


October issue of CREA

Crystal Lift and Fumi were featured in the October issue of Claire (released on September 7, 2018) in the monthly magazine "CREA" published by Bungei Shunju. Fumi's all-in-one beauty essence "Crystal Lift" is introduced in "Monotokoto that can be beautiful" in the magazine.



Male beauty researcher Fumi is appearing in the program distribution of the new sensation shopping app. We use beauty products to convey the products in the program.



Male cosmetologist Fumi was interviewed. He talks about the future prospects of cosmetologists.



Fumi's Instagram was introduced on Taiwanese web media "Pop Daily". Content that collects and disseminates the latest information from around the world.



FUMMY REFACE's all-in-one beauty serum Crystal Lift was featured on the cosmetics word-of-mouth site “Garmoni”.



It is posted on the review page of FUMMY REFACE's all-in-one beauty serum Crystal Lift on the cosmetics review site “@Cosmetics”.


carry magazine

Fumi, a male cosmetologist, has been appointed as an official official writer for the WEB media "Carry Magazine".

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We have started a beauty radio program on the voice app "Himalayan". "Cosmetology just listened to by male beauty researcher Fumi" is delivered every Tuesday.



The theory that no lotion is needed, played by male beauty researcher Fumi, was featured in the WEB media "Rocket News 24".



"Men's beauty researcher Fumi's just listening beauty" was also distributed on iTunes.

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Horie Collection

We exhibited the beauty booth of FUMMY REFACE in the fashion event "Horie Collection" sponsored by entertainment production in Osaka city.

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We will update the usage and explanation of FUMMY REFACE's crystal lift, beauty information and skin care information with YouTube videos.

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