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Thorough production of safe and secure cosmetics.

Because it's something you put on your skin every day

Thoroughly created for safety and security

I want you to use the best cosmetics.

Creating "safety and security"

FUMMY REFACE is promoting cosmetics development with safety and security as the top priority in cosmetics manufacturing.

Developed by beauty researcher Fumiya Maeda, we have commercialized products that actually have the effect on your skin and deliver them to everyone.

In the manufacture of cosmetics, all are manufactured and developed in Japan, and we pay close attention to safety at our factory in Kansai, which has high quality and know-how, and we also carry out thorough quality control such as cleanliness control of the manufacturing environment. We make the finest cosmetics.

Beauty researcher Fumiya Maeda's commitment to the latest beauty is the first to be incorporated, and many professionals at domestic factories that handle cutting-edge ingredients make efforts to ensure safety, security, and politeness, and create products that lead to smiles for customers. Doing.

FUMMY REFACE cosmetics commitment


We want to deliver the best cosmetics to our customers.

FUMMY REFACE sells the best aging skin care products that incorporate the latest beauty ingredients so that you can love your bare skin the most.

I want you to have confidence in your skin.

Beauty researcher Fumiya Maeda sells products when he / she tries it on his / her own skin, researches it on his / her own skin, and decides that he / she can sell it with confidence.

We will deliver safe and secure products to our customers by blending the best ingredients to maximize the beauty that our customers originally have and to create skin that shines beautifully forever.

Display of all ingredients

All the ingredients of cosmetics are displayed.

Display all ingredients in cosmetics from the standpoint of information disclosure from the beginning of sales (mandatory from April 2001)

All domestically manufactured

At our Kansai factory in Japan, which has high quality and know-how, we pay close attention to safety and manufacture the finest cosmetics under strict quality control such as cleanliness control of the manufacturing environment.

Gentle on the skin

While blending the latest beauty ingredients, we are thoroughly developing it without forgetting that it is gentle on the skin. Considering people with sensitive skin, we aim to be fragrance-free and paraben-free.

Sale with the face of the producer for peace of mind

FUMMY REFACE takes the form of actually selling the face of the developer, beauty researcher Fumiya Maeda.

Because it is a product that you can see the face of the person who made it and you are confident that you can see it, we sell it all over the country.

Consider, for example.

When you buy vegetables or products to put in your mouth, if the face of the producer is displayed, you can see that these people made it, so you can get important information as well as the display of the package.

Cosmetics are not something you can put in your mouth, but they are important to put on your face, so I think that safety and security are the most important things in cosmetics sales.

Therefore, at FUMMY REFACE, the face of the product developer is open to the public so that customers can feel at ease, and it is open to the public because it is a cosmetic product that they use and feel on their own skin.

Since I want to be a beauty researcher close to our customers, we are disseminating information through SNS (social media) and advertisements, which have been expanding in recent years.

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